Full Stack Fest 2016

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The first program on a stored-program computer ran on on June 21st, 1948. Since then a lot has happened... This talk will look at the development of hardware and software from the birth of the first stored program computer in 1948 until today. That covers the first 68 years. Then I'll make a few guesses as to what will happen in the next 32 years. Progress in Hardware has been enormous, todays computers are billions of times more powerful than the first computers. But has software improved? Can we write programs billion of times faster than 60 years ago? I'll talk about some of the fundamental reasons why programming is intrinsically hard, and then I'll look at a few of the problems that the computer industry has accidentally created, and suggest a few problems that you might like to solve. Talk given at Full Stack Fest 2016 (https://www.fullstackfest.com)

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