Full Stack Fest 2016

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In this talk Brian will walk you through the ideas, techniques and technologies used to build a SaaS Recommendation Engine. From building an efficient software classifier, to storing the large amounts of data required, to the pipeline of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms used. The system is being built with a myriad of technologies including Java, Cassandra, Ruby, Rails, Clojure, Javascript and more. About the speaker: Brian Sam-Bodden is an author, instructor, speaker and hacker that has spent most of his life (adult and otherwise) crafting software. He is well versed in several programming languages and has a deep passion for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in general. His perfect Sunday includes walks on a virtual beach with his pals of HAL, DeepThought, the Architect and MCP. Brian lives in the post apocalyptic, waste-land, Mad-Max’esque state of Arizona, U.S.A. where he leads Integrallis; a Polyglot Consultancy and is also the founder of Binnacle (http://binnacle.io) a multi-purpose dashboard for web applications. Talk given at Full Stack Fest 2016 (https://www.fullstackfest.com)

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