Fronteers 2011

Working on websites is no longer a task that requires notepad and a browser to complete. The previous web developer revolution was about the semantics, but now we have real technologies that are being specced out and browsers in a race to implement. Your website is no longer a static page with headings and semantic markup. With overwhelming array of choices, where do you begin? In this talk I would like to go through what it takes to get a web development process right, including: Web developer tools you should know, including using them to debug remote devices Learning efficient CSS with server-side frameworks such as Sass or LESS (mainly Sass) Progressively enhancing your site for supporting browsers from the most limited to the most powerful Using a version control systel for managing your site (and why Git is awesome) Vendor prefixes in your code — when are they appropriate to use? Polyfills, when to use what (or even if it’s necessary) Tools to help you along the way for all of these.

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