Fronteers 2013

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Our favorite language is now powering everything from event-driven servers to robots to Git clients to 3D games. The JavaScript package ecosystem has quickly outpaced past that of most other languages, allowing our vibrant community to showcase their talent. The front-end framework war has been taken to the next level, with heavy-hitters like Ember and Angular ushering in the new generation of long-lived, component-based web apps. The extensible web movement, spearheaded by the newly-reformed W3C Technical Architecture Group, has promised to place JavaScript squarely at the foundation of the web platform. Now, the language improvements of ES6 are slowly but surely making their way into the mainstream— witness the recent interest in using generators for async programming. And all the while, whispers of ES7 features are starting to circulate… JavaScript has grown up. Now it's time to see how far it can go.

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