Elixir Conf EU 2015

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This talk discusses the high availability challenge, an important property when building a system that needs to provide the service continuously. Based on my own experience in building an Erlang/Elixir powered system that constantly pushes the fast changing data to a few thousand of connected users, I will provide a high-level overview on how Erlang can help us implement continuously running systems, and back this theory with some real life examples. This is an introductory talk that targets mostly people new to Elixir and Erlang, aiming to explain why and how Elixir/Erlang can be beneficial. The talk is language agnostic with the focus on Erlang virtual machine rather than a particular BEAM oriented language. After the presentation, the audience should have a better insight on how highly available systems can be implemented, and how Elixir/Erlang can help in achieving that goal.

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