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Elixir Conf 2015

It's been stated that in order to make full use of BEAM, the Erlang virtual machine, any language implemented on top of it needs to adhere to the semantics of Erlang. Yet, other virtual machines, such as Parrot, stemming from the Perl 6 community, or JVM, the Java virtual machine, support a plethora of languages with differing semantics. At the heart of these virtual machines, BEAM included, lies an instruction set. Specific commands that any language implemented on top of the machine in question has to be broken down into; any running program ultimately composed of. The instruction set comprises the extent of the virtual machine's understanding of what we want it to do and thus dictates its capabilities. Let's examine BEAM's and contrast it to that of other virtual machines. In the end we might be able to answer if and why BEAM mandates Erlang's semantics. Or we might all become BEAM assembly programmers. You have been warned.

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