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Elixir Conf 2015

Learn how naively copying a grammar file from one parser generator to another won't work. Go back to the beginning and learn about lexers vs parsers, but discover that the power of interpolation changes the computational complexity and forces the lexer to be a push-down automata instead of a finite-state machines and how this maps to Erlang implementation of the tokenizers in native Elixir. Understand that there are different types of parsers and what each of their names mean. Learn why some of the Ruby-ish feature of Elixir's syntax (like no parentheses function calls and do block) favor some parser types or others and why this complicates, writing the intellij-elixir parser. Learn how intellij-elixir uses Elixir and JInterface to check parser equivalence and found bugs in native Elixir. Slides (Viewable): Slides (Source): Project (Source):

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