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Elixir Conf 2015

As a young community, we have to resist the urge to reinvent the wheel for foundational libraries and instead look to the battle-tested awesomeness that is OTP. When designing complex systems with many moving parts in Elixir, we should ask ourselves the following question: has OTP done this? In order to answer that question in this talk, we'll first look at the gen_fsm, gen_event, and gen_server libraries. We'll see some examples illustrating how, where, and why they should be used for building robust, fault-tolerant, and distributed systems. A broad discussion of some of the built-in database options like ETS and Mnesia will follow. We'll examine the pros and cons of each system, and take a look at some examples. Lastly, attendees will get a brief overview of OTP-style releases and how they can fit into modern deployment infrastructure.

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