DockerCon SF2015

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Presented by: Ashish Hunnargikar and Mohit Soni, Software Engineers at PayPal What a difference a year makes. Last year Paypal presented on scaling a CI infrastructure with Docker, Mesos and Jenkins. Over the past year we worked on integrating Docker to the core of our PaaS ecosystem. We are Dockerizing the entire PayPal application ecosystem consisting of polyglot Java, Node.js, Scala, C++ and Python frameworks. In this journey we have introduced HA Docker Registry with ElasticSearch search plugin using both OpenStack Swift and Cinder storage, cross-data center ATS server smart image caching along with a developer-friendly boot2docker fig/compose workflow for Kraken (open source nodeJS) stack. This we believe has the potential to become one of the largest financial services production deployment of Docker. Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere. Docker containers can encapsulate any payload, and will run consistently on and between virtually any server. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop will run at scale, in production*, on VMs, bare-metal servers, OpenStack clusters, public instances, or combinations of the above.

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