DockerCon EU 2015

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Shipping Manifests, Bill of Lading and Docker - Metadata for Containers The shipping container metaphor for Docker points to many of the advantages of building and running software using containers. But what about other essential parts of the shipping container ecosystem like the shipping manifest and bill of lading? Many of the most powerful features of traditional package management tools like apt or yum are based on metadata associated with the packages. You can find out who created a package and when, check where a particular file came from, whether the package has a known vulnerability and more. What would this capability look like for Docker containers? This talk will look at the power of metadata for containers, in particular: * Docker provides labels for associating metadata with images and containers but how best to use them?* What problems can be solved by agreeing on standards for container metadata?* Exposing standard commands and endpoints to expose metadata about what is inside a container* Demo some open source toolings and also look at the sort of tools we might build atop those standards and low-level tools.

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