DockerCon EU 2015

Video recording and production done by DockerCon

How Docker is used at Gilt: At Gilt we use Docker primarily as a unit of immutability and to allow a standard way of deploying all kinds of software as opposed to its container properties. Why Gilt built Ionroller: An overview of the problems we tried to solve with Ionroller and immutable deploys. Pitfalls we've encountered with immutable deployments since Ionroller saw adoption in Gilt. Will cover issues such as DNS traffic migration, utilisation of resources ELBs not warmed up properly, Elasticbeanstalk using Nginx as proxy etc. Our experiences with Cloudformation and Codedeploy as an alternative to Ionroller and Elasticbeanstalk. Jobs: How we used to do batch jobs. Solutions we considered such as Mesos and Chronos. An overview of Sundial, an in house solution we built in the last few months and hope to open source for running containerized Docker jobs on Amazon ECS and why we chose it as our preferred solution.

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