DockerCon 2014

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"Docker offers an exciting new way to use containers for delivering and managing applications. Combining Docker with a configuration management system like Puppet provides much greater control over containers, both at buildtime and at runtime: at buildtime, Puppet's fine-grained resources such as file, cron, and user make it easy to control an image build in great detail; at runtime, they can be used to detect configuration drift and remediate such drift. When image building and deployment is performed by different parties, Puppet manifests also document the details of a container's setup and expose the knobs that can be used to control the payload of a container. This talk will explain how Puppet manifests can be used during container builds, explain best practices for shipping manifests with container images and how to use them in your Puppet installation to seamlessly manage your containerized and non-containerized infrastructure from a single source of truth."

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