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DjangoCon US 2018

This presentation, by Aaron Bassett, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Somewhere between 5% and 12% of adults have ADHD. Even if you do not have the disorder yourself you probably work, live or know someone who does. But the world is not designed for people with ADHD, so to be successful I’ve had to develop techniques to keep my concentration and procrastination in check. In this talk, we’ll briefly look at what ADHD is and how it impairs not only concentration but also executive function. Then we’ll explore how changes in the workplace can benefit not just those with ADHD, but anyone whose work requires creativity or extended periods of focus. Next, we’ll look at some persistent myths about productivity, and what you can do personally to increase your concentration and output without burning out. Then I’ll present some techniques you can rollout within your team to remove distractions while improving the quality of communication.

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