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DjangoCon US 2018

This presentation, by Amber Wanner, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

This talk will give you some tips and techniques as well as some real (raw) examples of how I was able to start a company at 23 years old, lock in an investment, and beat out my competitors who were a lot older and more experienced than I. The talk will demonstrate different scenarios and solutions in which it takes to stand out, and be remembered in a saturated market, in whatever field you may be in. Whether you are a developer interviewing for your dream job, starting a business, or somewhere in between and just trying to make your way in the world. Implementing emotional awareness and intelligence in your life will change not just the way you interview but the way you are perceived by others in your work life, as well as your social life. My friends call it the “Amber effect” but I call it, giving a damn. In this talk we will cover: How to leave a lasting impression, every time. The importance of long term benefits vs instant gratification when it comes to building relationships How to stand out as a potential job applicant How to get the attention of a prospective client, including c-level executives. How to identify opportunity and advantages out of unexpected circumstances (When things don’t go your way) How to add value beyond scope of work Genuinely giving a damn without expectation

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