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DjangoCon 2017

This presentation, by Josh Schneier, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

One of the most confusing parts of Django for newcomers (and some old hands alike!) is the handling of files. Among the 10+ settings, static vs user uploaded distinction, and plethora of deployment options it’s no wonder that many people end up cargo-culting their production settings. The API overview Short introduction Go over the difference between static & media files Run through the File abstraction and the various settings Django Storage API, collectstatic etc Production & Development configuration Whitenoise/dj-static/Nginx for static files Cloud storage providers for media & static files (S3 etc, mention some popular libraries such as django-storages) CDNs Implement a storage engine together & the future Implementation - practicing what we just learned to solidify understanding Closing remarks and mention possible future Django developments

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