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DevOpsDays Seattle 2016

This presentation, by Ben Rockwood, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

LEAN concepts have penetrated all layers of business over the last 30 years, particularly: PDCA, Kaizen, Continuous Improvement, and Continuous Learning. These 4 things are in fact one in the same, but they are often seperated and confused by different groups. Those from the world of frameworks, best practice, and compliance see PDCA as a project management tool. DevOps champions the Retrospective as a means for Continious Learning and Improvement. The LEAN and Six Sigma purists invoke Kaizen as a "events" in which improvement can be sought out. Sadly few practitioners have ever looked deeply at the practices of Toyota and the philosophies which lead to their great achievements which came to be known in America as "LEAN". In this talk we'll peer deeply into the greatest power tool available to practitioners and managers alike, the A3 Report, which has the extraordinary power to clarify, organize, and execute on the problems that you face day to day. Whether your bedroom is a mess or your Operations team seems to be running in circles, the simple power of A3 Thinking can provide the framework you need to stop trying and start doing.

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