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DevOpsDays Seattle 2016

This presentation, by Adam Lefkowitz, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

This is a touchy subject but if only the NBA had been employing some DevOps principles, perhaps Seattle would still have a basketball team. Failed communication? Huge silos unwilling to work together? No empathy? Holes in the culture? Seattle team leadership and the community had a lack of collaboration, resulting in no new plans for a stadium and an eventual relocation. A hungry buyer wanting a team in OKC saw the opportunity, snatched them up and moved them. It sounds like the SuperSonics had a few issues that might have been helped by DevOps concepts. In this talk, I’ll look at how these principles have helped other area sports teams (ex. Sounders) and how they can ensure your team doesn’t suffer the same outcome.

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