DevconTLV October 2013

DevCon TLV Oct 2013 was presented by People and Computers Israel, posted on YouTube by Raphael Fogel, these videos were not produced by Confreaks, LLC.

Rankings, You're Doing it Wrong 14:00 We have seen a lot of rankings in our lifes, not only in WebApps but also in different devices, usually as part of a gamification implementation. But is it being really effective? In fact, the majority of rankings implementations are wrong, and can even make your application less attractive. You may never get on the top of the ranking and never find a real challenge against other users, and those are just some of the major problems. Different algorithms are applied and developed to make ranking attractive, some of those by big companies as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and others, and we are able to use them in our development process too. That said, how should we proceed? How can we use Rankings effectively to help us to build better and engaging applications? Simple, watch this talk!

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