DevconTLV October 2013

DevCon TLV Oct 2013 was presented by People and Computers Israel, posted on YouTube by Raphael Fogel, these videos were not produced by Confreaks, LLC.

You might be used to being laughed at for your hatred of cookies, but fear not, this talk will give you all the arguments you need for defeating your opponents when they once more start claiming that cookies are the greatest invention since animated gifs. In this session we will be reminded why the cookies are our death sworn nemesis and get every cookie sympathizer back in line. We will see how there is no escaping from the threat that is a free roaming cookie and explore the utopia of a cookie free society. To do this, we pretend to be one of the misguided cookie lovers and try to protect our website against increasingly more complex attacks, without giving up on using cookies. Until we inevitable reach the point were it's simply no longer possible to offer a fully secure application.

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