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Chef Conf 2017

This presentation, by Seth Vargo, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In addition to composition and portability, one of the more commonly overlooked advantages of moving to microservices, containers, and infrastructure-as-a-Service is the ability to create highly-ephemeral, one-off environments for almost any purpose. Imagine a world where a code change can be tested in a completely isolated environment where 100% of the resources are ephemeral. Say goodbye to long-lived staging or QA environments and say hello to Chef, Terraform, Nomad, and Habitat. Terraform and Chef provide the foundation to build and provision infrastructure resources for your application. Running in parallel, these tools can often provision all the infrastructure required for a cluster in 2-3 minutes. Part of that process installs Nomad, an application scheduler akin to Mesos or Kubernetes, and the supporting resources for Habitat, which enables you to automate any app on any platform. Joined together, this toolset enables rapid development, testing, QA, staging, and more. This demo-driven talk with go from nothing to fully-empheral in snap of, press of a button.

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