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Cascadia Ruby 2013

This presentation, by Kerri Miller, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

If baseball is America's Pastime, then surely poker is America's Game. From Rounders to Celebrity Poker, Kenny Rogers to World Series of Poker events on constant loop on ESPN, poker is everywhere in our popular culture. An iconic game of the Wild West, today it has lost much of its stigma and emerged as a preeminent game of skill and intellect dominated by mathematicians, stock brokers, and developers. What has software development brought to this American tradition, and what lessons does poker have to offer us in return? What can we learn from another field? In this talk, I'll give you a crash course in poker, discuss statistics and odds, the psychological aspects of the game, and the business side of managing a career as a professional gambler. You'll come to see that it's not that different from being a developer. After all, its not just poker that could be called 'the hardest way to make an easy buck known to man.'

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