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Big Ruby 2014

This presentation, by Camilo Lopez, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Last year at this very conference John Duff spoke about how Shopify scales while maintaing one of the longest lived and largest Rails deployments, and how we affront the challenges that come with growth. Shopify in 2013 became more than twice the size in every single aspect; requests per minute, GMV, merchants, number of developers, etc. After CyberMonday 2012 it became clear that if we wanted to survive CyberMonday 2013 we needed to spread the load across more than a single huge database, and move to a model of smaller databases to enable horizontal scalability. This is the story of how, in 2013, we more than doubled the number number of databases that power Shopify, and all the challenges that come along when sharding a living, breathing and money producing Ruby application.

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