Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013

Video recording and production done by Barcelona Ruby Conference.

We're iconoclasts who reject arbitrary constraints yet long for understandable, predictable, changeable applications. We want code that follows rules yet we refuse to let rules to get in our way. We're deeply attached to the little rules that help get things done (No trailing whitespace! Indent using two spaces!) and despise the big, complicated ones that impose one-size-fits-all straitjackets on otherwise sane programming problems. This talk proposes 5 'little' rules for writing object-oriented code. These rules are determinedly simple yet produce code that experts love and novices can be trusted to change; they fill the space between anarchy and order with practical, common sense. The rules guide without impeding, help without hindering and constrain without binding, and let you create applications that are easy to change and fun to work their whole life long.

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