AWS re:Invent 2013

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Automating application deployments is old hat. Imagine a world where you can build everything from your data center up to your application via code and automate it. It's a reality, and it's called AWS CloudFormation. At Adobe, we use AWS CloudFormation to define our infrastructure in AWS as code. By using AWS CloudFormation in combination with other tools, including OpsCode Chef, we are able to create highly flexible and customized workflows that ensure consistent and audited deployments. From our VPCs to our applications, we can build and tear down in a matter of minutes. Come see how we have put the power of AWS CloudFormation to work at Adobe using advanced techniques such as substacks, identity and access management roles, bootstrapping into Chef, and more—including a demo of our automation environment. For us, AWS CloudFormation is the service that ties a pretty bow around all of the other powerful AWS offerings.

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