AWS re:Invent 2013

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(Presented by SAP) SAP HANA, available on the AWS Cloud, is an industry transforming in-memory platform, which has been adopted by many startups and ISVs, as well as traditional SAP enterprise customers. SAP HANA converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive, and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time. Please join us to learn what SAP HANA can do for you! Doug Turner, CEO of Mantis Technologies, and an early adopter of SAP HANA One on AWS, will present and share his experience migrating his Sentiment Analysis solution from MySQL to SAP HANA One. He will talk about following benefits that he achieved with this migration: -Dramatic simplification of his system architecture and landscape -System consolidation by moving from 23 MySQL instances to one SAP HANA One instance -Reduced overall AWS infrastructure cost as well as reduced admin effort and efficiency We will conclude with an overview of all the key SAP HANA capabilities on the AWS Cloud like text analysis, predictive analytics, geospatial, data integration. We will round out the session with an in-depth view of what new HANA deployment options are available on the AWS Cloud like customers' ability to bring their own licenses (BYOL) of SAP HANA to run on AWS in a variety of configurations ranging from 244GB up to 1.22TB.

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