AWS re:Invent 2013

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You're on the verge of a new startup and you need to build a world-class, high-scale web application on AWS so it can handle millions of users. How do you build it quickly without having to reinvent and re-implement the best-practices of large successful Internet companies? NetflixOSS is your answer. In this session, we'll cover how an emerging startup can leverage the different open source tools that Netflix has developed and uses every day in production, ranging from baking and deploying applications (Asgard, Aminator), to hardening resiliency to failures (Hystrix, Simian Army, Zuul), making them highly distributed and load balanced (Eureka, Ribbon, Archaius) and managing your AWS resources efficiently and effectively (Edda, Ice). You'll learn how to get started using these tools, learn best practices from engineers who actually created them, so, like Netflix, you can too unleash the power of AWS and scale your application processes as you grow.

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