AWS re:Invent 2013

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(Presented by Skytap) Complex multi-tier enterprise applications that have been under development for decades assume reliable hardware and typically have dependencies on underlying operating systems, hardware configurations, and network topologies. The boundary between one application or service and another is often fuzzy, with many interdependencies. These traits make some enterprise applications difficult to refactor and move to a public cloud. Even the teams that manage these applications can be unfamiliar with cloud terminology and concepts. In this session for enterprise IT architects and developers, Brad Schick, CTO of Skytap and Skytap customers Fulcrum, DataXu and F5 will share their insights into why the evolution of enterprise applications will lead to hybrid applications that opportunistically take advantage of cloud-based services. Brad will then demonstrate Skytap Cloud with Amazon Web Services and discuss how enterprises can easily achieve this integration today for application development and testing.

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