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ArrrrCamp 2015

The one constant in software is change. Your code will need to change and adapt over time. We should try to write code that is easy to change in the future. If possible, change without having to edit existing code. This talk is all about the O in SOLID: the Open-Closed principle. I'll explain what the Open-Closed principle is, why this is important and how to structure and refactor code to make it "open for extension but closed for modification". In this talk I'll show you, by example, how to make your code more changeable. In fact, so changeable that you will be able to extend what your program does and how it behaves without modifying a single line of existing code. Starting with a real world example that is painful to extend, I’ll refactor it over many iterations until it truly is Open-Closed. I'll show techniques, trade-offs and some gotchas from real world experience which will help you write more flexible programs in the future. If you’ve never heard of the Open-Closed principle or are unsure how to put it into practice then this talk is for you. I would love to help open the door of this technique and give you the ability to alter your system in a painless way by opening it up to change.

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