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ArrrrCamp 2013

This presentation, by Daan Van Berkel, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Every pirate likes to play games. Whether to pass the time during long sea voyages or entertain fellow pirates around the drinking table, games are a wonderful pastime. Unfortunately the captain does not always understand. Would it not be great to have a proper defense when the captain scolds you for idling away time? This talk will provide you with enough gun powder to counter any attack your captain launches on you for playing games on deck. We will dive into the seven seas of computational complexity and discuss a uniform means of understanding them: games! We show that playing games corresponds to certain types of computations. And as every captain knows, before finding the treasure you have to compute where X marks the spot. We will use ruby to demonstrate the correspondence between computations and games by creating specific games that perform certain computations and playing them life.

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