Ancient City Ruby 2015

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** We apologize for technical difficulties - This video starts a bit into Noel's talk. ** What makes some projects succeed and others fail? Often the problem is that the stakeholders in your project have stopped trusting one another. The root of this problem is not always technical, but can be that your team has structured its workflow in a way that is making your life more difficult and making it hard for stakeholders to understand and accept your progress. As developers, we tend to dismiss project process as a "soft skill", right up until the moment you hit a deadline and realize you needed a better structure in place six weeks ago. Estimation is a particularly fraught process, and tension between developers and stakeholders will often manifest there first. You may think that ugly project management is a fact of life and there's nothing you can do about it, but that's just not true. Agile processes are filled with small ways you can increase trust and improve the way your team works.

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