Ancient City Ruby 2014

What is the role of the software developer in the modern world? We are more educated now than during any time in recorded human history. We have more access to tools and the ability to craft our own in order to better communicate with one another; to see the world in all of its various forms, beautiful and strange. All of this information, all of this knowledge and yet the quest for truth, understanding and wisdom has become increasingly strained. We adopt the ideologies and rituals of archetypes instead of masters and therein feel the hollowness of the modern human condition. In this session, I will present to you the teachings of my masters as I have come to understand them and the wisdom I've gained over the years in my relentless pursuit for truth in the modern world. Our collective existential ennui is distorting the very fabric of reality. Seeing the world as it truly is can free our minds to the infinite possibilities that lie before us. Can we be more than the context we are born into? Can we rise above the confining binds of hierarchy, class, status and the distortions of those we choose to associate ourselves? Let's take some time to remember who we are, where we are going and discover, perhaps, why we are here.

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