Alter Conf Chicago-2015

Video Recording by AlterConf - Video Production by Confreaks

We’re all marketers – of our companies, our brands and ourselves. On the surface, we know what to do: website, business cards, hand shaking and always talking about what we want to be known (and hired) for. But there is a different approach that can raise your exposure ten-fold, and most people don’t tap into it. I’m Sharon, and I stutter. Because of my impediment, I had to get creative with how I communicated with people and presented myself. But after years of hiding it, I realized that the thing that made me different in a "bad" way taught me how to use my greatest vulnerability to my advantage. This talk will focus on embracing areas outside of core abilities - more specifically, those things that are perceived as weaknesses and outside of things considered natural strengths - to help the attendees be better developers and better marketers.

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