Adhearsion Conf 2012

FreeSWITCH is changing the world. It’s not just about calls anymore, the world is about media interaction. There’s a few themes that recur in society: 1) People need to Communicate There are Two Methods: Asynchronous or Synchronous. and 2) Infrastructure has to scale, and do so efficiently Going back to the first point, communication requires complex infrastructure, and there’s nothing more important to powerful media interaction than the Switch. FreeSWITCH represents the freedom to scale massively, do so with commodity hardware, and in a manner that’s blazingly fast. It really changes the way we should think about building communications systems. This is really cool stuff. The presentation will cover FreeSWITCH, some of the big applications of the system, and what we’re building (2600hz Kazoo!) but focusing not on our platform, but on how we implement FreeSWITCH.

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