Windy City Rails 2016

Video recording and production done by WindyCityRails.

Service-oriented architecture, NoSQL, and cloud services have transformed how large web applications are architected, developed, and deployed. Much of the technical literature today covers how to scale up. But what if you are not building the next Twitter or Facebook? How do these techniques scale down? What are their costs? Is it worth it? What is the right way to build a small application? How do you measure the scale of your application? This talk offers answers to these questions. About Jack Christensen Jack began teaching himself to program in elementary school when he discovered that was how to make computer games. He deployed his first Rails application before Rails 1.0 was released and has been active in Rails application development ever since. Jack is excited to be working with Ruby, Go, PostgreSQL, and git. In his spare time, Jack occasionally still dabbles in game development. Delivered at WindyCityRails 2016 in Chicago, IL, USA. Learn more about WindyCityRails at

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