Windy City Rails 2014

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In 2014 and beyond, what patterns are emerging for your deployment solutions? How to orchestrate your cloud infrastructure? To use a cloud’s orchestrator service, such as AWS Cloud Formation or OpenStack Heat? Or something that will work with multiple infrastructures - public and private - such as BOSH? How will applications and services be configured, packaged and run across your cluster of servers? To use upstream packages or bake your own packaging locally? Perhaps combine both with the packaging services of Docker or BOSH? Do you still need Chef or Puppet? Do applications and services need explicit configuration or can they dynamically discover each other with Etcd or Zookeeper? Should your development and support teams be thinking about servers and packages anyway? What about the new era of open source PaaS options such as Cloud Foundry? Perhaps build something on Docker? There is a New Era of Orchestration and in this talk we’ll overview all the new solutions that are available. Dr. Nic Williams is founder and CEO of Stark & Wayne. He speaks at international conferences on the topics of: Open Source processes, DevOps, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript. Williams holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Queensland.

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