Windy City Rails 2014

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You have a killer web application, hits are through the roof and your database is starting to get overloaded. Do I need to throw more hardware at the database? Should I shard it? Should I use replication? How do I access multiple databases via one Rails application? Join us as we talk about strategies for scaling your database. See how easy it is to use multiple databases with db-charmer and octopus when it is time to move beyond that one ubiquitous database instance in your app. Lance has been a computer nut ever since his dad bought him a VIC 20 in the 1980s. After nearly a decade as a Java developer for companies like Kodak, CNN, and GE, he decided to end his addiction to heavy inheritance, static typing, and coding without tests. These days, he practices clean Ruby living with lots of well-tested code, class composition, and fun dynamic languages as a developer/startup CTO for hire with extensive experience in data science and committer on open source projects such as the Passbook-iOS, Asari and Active Asari Gems. He is known to practice interspecies pair (purr) programming with his orange tabby, Allie, and when he’s not writing code, you will find him diving with sharks, trekking through Chernobyl, sampling wine, cheering on the Springboks or perfecting his biltong recipe.

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