Windy City Rails 2011

JavaScript is the assembly language of the web, and the first generation of higher-level languages built on top of that foundation has arrived. CoffeeScript is an exciting entry in this nascent field, embracing the best of JavaScript, extending it with collection operators, and wrapping it all in a more succinct, Ruby-ish grammar. CoffeeScript’s benefits have proven so compelling that it is supported in the core of Rails 3.1. We will introduce CoffeeScript’s core syntax – starting with a JavaScript function and tearing it apart until it’s an elegant few lines of CoffeeScript. Then we will cover CoffeeScript’s improvements for object-oriented programming, and finally review how CoffeeScript is used in a Rails 3.1 project. David is a Software Architect at Redpoint Technologies and the lead organizer for SecondConf. His professional web application developer career traces back more than a decade, originally writing Apache modules and PERL CGI scripts, then adopting Java in its infancy, jumping to Ruby shortly after Rails went 1.0, and now investigating Node.js, SproutCore, and CouchDB. In his free time, David hacks on Arduino projects with his daughter and frequents local meetups.

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