Velocity Conference Santa Clara 2014

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What does a high performing site look like? When we talk about page load time, is that really applicable to modern sites and pages -- that scroll endlessly or lazy load? Is it enough for each business and technology team to look at site performance and decide what is "good for them"? Or, shouldn't we be focused on performance calibrated by the circumstances of a customer's engagement with our technology? We'll talk about what tools, approaches, and frameworks can be used to think about site performance in the context of both the customer's expectations, the limitation of metrics available, and the competition. This keynote is sponsored by Keynote Systems. About Ben Rushlo (Keynote Systems Inc.): Ben Rushlo, Vice President of Analytics, leads a team of web and mobile performance experts working with some of the most recognized brands in the world to improve their site quality. Fortune 100, Retail, Automotive, and Financial Services companies depend on Keynote Analytics to better visualize their web and mobile site performance data, understand it within a competitive context, and take the action needed to continuously improve their user experience. Before joining Keynote, Ben was a Senior Performance and Capacity Planning Engineer at American Express, where he served as a core member of the team that launched American Express on the Web. With more than 18 years of experience in performance management and measurement technologies, Ben has expertise in web and mobile technologies and performance optimization techniques. Ben is a frequent speaker at executive summits, industry symposiums in retail and financial services, and test and performance conferences and appeared in numerous times in publications like USA Today and the New York Times.

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