Velocity Conference Europe 2014

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We need better visualizations of performance data to allow access to the wider teams we work with. Get your whole organization more involved and excited about performance work by making it more visible, attractive and adding the power of design to engage everybody. Tell “data stories” rather than presenting a wall of numbers or graphs. Focus in on the one moment that captures the core problem or opportunity and don’t be afraid to keep the visuals very simple but then walk your team through the story of why it matters. Can you demonstrate how one second saved in loadtime might bring your organization significant additional revenue? There’s only so much you can do to post-optimize the performance of an already designed website. To really move the performance numbers we need to establish shared design and performance principles before any design work begins. We need cross disciplinary team from day one that can iterate through prototypes in the browser to bring the design and performance choices to the fore. I’ll present several case studies were performance principles have radically altered the course of the design process and is the direct result of having cross disciplinary teams and visualizing performance within the design process itself. About Mark Zeman (SpeedCurve): Mark Zeman is the founder of SpeedCurve a front-end performance monitoring service that gives you continuous feedback on how your front-end code is affecting the performance of your website. Mark has spent 20 years designing for the web in a variety of roles from Creative Director to University Lecturer, Creative Technologist and Lead developer.

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