Sunny Conf 2010

There comes a point in every programming language's life, where the question of dependency management arises. That is, "if A requires B and B requires C, and C requires D, what happens when I install A." Believe it or not, that's actually an easy question, the hard question is "What happens when I install A, but I have two apps on a machine that rely on different versions of C and D. Ruh-oh Fortunately, Andre will be joining us at SunnyConf to talk about painless dependency management with Bundler. Bundler, which has been released alongside Rails 3, has been designed to fix all of your dependency problems. It makes using dependencies easy and reliable at the same time. Bundler can handle your Rails gem plugins, your application's dependancies, and even your dependencies' dependencies, all automatically. In this talk, Andre will walk us through why Bundler was written, and why you should be using it for all of your Ruby applications. He'll talk about how to use it effectively in common scenarios and even cover it's usage within Rails 3, Rails 2, Sinatra, and your own Ruby application. He'll also share where Bundler is headed in the future.

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