Strata 2015

Video recording and production done by Strata + Hadoop

As Hadoop and the surrounding projects & vendors mature, their impact on the data management sector is growing. Amr will talk about his views on how that impact will change over the next five years. How central will Hadoop be to the data center of 2020? What industries will benefit most? Which technologies are at risk of displacement or encroachment? Watch more from Strata + Hadoop San Jose 2015: Visit the conference website to learn more: Subscribe to O’Reilly on YouTube! Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - Follow O'Reilly Media: About Amr Awadallah (Cloudera, Inc.): Amr is Co-Founder and CTO of Cloudera. Prior to Cloudera Amr was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Accel Partners. Before that he served as Vice President of Engineering at Yahoo!, and led a team that used Apache Hadoop extensively for data analysis and business intelligence across the Yahoo! online services. Amr joined Yahoo! after they acquired his first startup, VivaSmart, in mid-2000. Amr holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, and a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

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