Strata 2015

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From the 2015 Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose, Adam Kocoloski's keynote address, "A Bigger Lens Through which to View the World- the IBM Twitter Alliance". It’s about more than just big data – it’s about how computers and people can partner to enhance and scale human expertise. In a landmark partnership announced in October, IBM and Twitter are combining advances in analytics, cloud and cognitive computing in a manner that has the potential to transform how institutions understand customers, markets and trends. Twitter represents the public pulse of the planet, and for the first time, IBM is delivering systems with the scale and sophistication to put that information to work for all of us. In this short session, Adam Kocoloski, CTO of IBM Cloud Data Services and co-founder of Cloudant will explain how when it comes to gaining insights from data, the future is bright. We haven’t seen anything yet. About Adam Kocoloski (IBM): Adam is a Co-founder and CTO of Cloudant, and an IBM Distinguished Engineer. He is an Apache CouchDB developer, joining the project as one of the first ten committers, and the lead architect of a Dynamo-flavored clustering solution for CouchDB that serves as the core of Cloudant’s distributed data management platform. Adam’s record of open source contributions and thought leadership in the Erlang, NoSQL and web services communities include numerous publications and presentations at conferences, including Erlang Factory, Strata and SPIN. He recently presented a keynote address at MongoDB World in New York City where he announced Cloudant Query, a MongDB-style declarative query language that creates a better developer experience by reducing the learning curve to Cloudant. Adam received his Ph.D. in Physics from MIT in 2010, where he studied the gluon’s contribution to the spin structure of the proton. He is a proud father to three beautiful girls. Watch more from Strata + Hadoop San Jose 2015: Visit the conference website to learn more: Subscribe to O’Reilly on YouTube! Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - Follow O'Reilly Media:

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