SciPy 2016

Video recording and production done by Enthought

Tutorial materials may be viewed at Installation instructions are found at This two-part tutorial will first provide participants with a gentle introduction to Python for geospatial analysis, and an introduction to version PySAL 1.11 and the related eco-system of libraries to facilitate common tasks for Geographic Data Scientists. The first part will cover munging geo-data and exploring relations over space. This includes importing data in different formats (e.g. shapefile, GeoJSON), visualizing, combining and tidying them up for analysis, and will use libraries such as `pandas`, `geopandas`, `PySAL`, or `rasterio`. The second part will provide a gentle overview to demonstrate several techniques that allow to extract geospatial insight from the data. This includes spatial clustering and regression and point pattern analysis, and will use libraries such as `PySAL`, `scikit-learn`, or `clusterpy`.

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