Ruby Kaigi 2015

Video recording and production done by Ruby Kaigi.

Speaker: Mayumi EMORI / @emorima Thread in Ruby 1.8.6 often got stuck and I had to implement my own Thread monitoring framework. How is it improved in the latest release, Ruby 2.2.3? Now can we use an implementation that I couldn't use with 1.8.6 because of the broken Thread? Ruby1.8.6 のThreadはよく刺さり、自前でのThread監視機能を作成を余儀なくされた。­では、最新のRuby2.2.3ではどうだろうか? またRuby1.8.6では、Threadが高確率で刺さるために回避せざるを得なか­った、あの実装方法は、Ruby2.2.3では使えるのだろうか?

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