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Ruby Conference 2012

We have hacked mruby on non-PC OS. At the RubyConf 2012, we will talk and share our experiences. Our talks have two parts (actually, we have two small talks) Ruby + iOS = Super awesome! mruby for embedded systems First part (iOS): Are you fed up with Objective-C? Now, you can build iOS apps with mruby. MobiRuby aims to replace Objective-C/C/Java on mobile platforms with Ruby, just like you can use Lua or Mono to build apps on those platforms. In this presentation, I will talk about how to create iOS app using MobiRuby and MobiRuby internals. Second part (RTOS): The TOPPERS/ASP and TOPPERS/SSP ( kernel is a famous RTOS in Japan, as extended and improved kernel for embedded systems, based on the standard profile of Micro ITRON4.0. We have used mruby on TOPPERS RTOS. We will show the issues about embedded systems and how to solve them.

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