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Ruby Conference 2012

This presentation, by Rein Henrichs, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Is security a priority for your team? The recent compromises of LinkedIn, eharmony,, and Sony (twenty times) show that it's not enough to make it "a priority": it needs to be priority zero. Learn how to build a security process that will help you detect and mitigate vulnerabilities at all levels and across all system boundaries. Learn how to (more) accurately assess risk and make smart decisions about when and how to address security vulnerabilities. Learn how to respond effectively to contain and minimize damage when you are compromised, and how to recover service as quickly as possible. Learn how to disclose an incident to the public in an open, honest, responsible way that gives your users the information they need to protect themselves and opens the door to rebuilding lost trust and goodwill. Learn how not to do the above from the tragicomic examples of others.

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