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Ruby Conference 2011

This presentation, by Eleanor McHugh, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Go is a statically-compiled systems language geared to developing scalable and type-safe applications whilst leveraging type inference to approximate the light touch of a dynamic language. It could be characterised as the static-typing world's response to Ruby. In this session we're going to explore the Go language, its tool-chain and idioms such as CSP-based concurrency and dynamically inferred interfaces to see how they influence the design of Go applications. We'll compare these to equivalent Ruby idioms where they exist, model Go-style concurrency in pure MRI Ruby, and look at interoperability between the two languages. Along the way we'll meet gotest (Go's testing and benchmarking framework), CGO (for linking to C libraries), goinstall (the remote package installer) and Go's powerful reflection and type manipulation features. There'll be a good mix of Go and Ruby code so that by the end of the session you'll be comfortable reading Go source code, have a basic feel for developing with the language and the necessary background to start using Go components in your dev projects.

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