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Ruby Conference 2008

Seattle.rb Rocks would cover a number of side projects developed by Seattle.rb members in a lightning-talk-like format. Individual presentations would run for roughly ten minutes, and at least the following individual presentations would be given: Phil Hagelberg will talk about Bus Scheme, which is a Scheme implementation that is implemented (mostly) on the bus. Phil will explore what it's like to implement an interpreter in Ruby and what kinds of things Bus Scheme could be used for. Eric Hodel will talk about his work on a framework for controlling and implementing Universal Plug and Play devices (UPnP) including a media server that is usable by the PlayStation 3. Aaron Patterson swill talk about ZOMG, an IDL parser and ruby code generator. He will discuss parser, tokenizer and code generation in ruby using techniques found in ZOMG as examples. Aaron will talk about the tools he used, such as rex for tokenizer generation and racc for parser generation along with Ruby2Ruby for ruby code generation. Aaron will also talk about the pitfalls he encountered while using these tools and about practical applications for ZOMG such as DOM api generation. John Barnette will talk about project skeletons. There are a multitude of Ruby project skeleton generators. Everyone uses them, everyone tweaks them. There are no good tools for reusing and sharing customized project skeletons. John will demonstrate a tool for reusing and sharing customized skeletons for Gems, Rails, RubyCocoa, or anything else! Following all the talks, there would be a question and answer period at the end. Naturally, given the nature of this talk, members Seattle.rb would not expect to receive any discounts on conference tickets.

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