RubyC 2017

Video recording and production done by Svitla Systems

Writing good object-oriented code is hard: object boundaries are not always as clear-cut as we’d like, their responsibilities and reasons to change tend to grow over time, inter-object coupling makes isolated testing complicated – and emergency refactorings are tiresome, gnarly and seem to always happen too late. At the same time it’s often hard to see the exact moment when a simple refactoring would save a given class from taking the wrong turn, and real-life projects tend to have real-life sad lines with their tireless chants of ‘let’s refactor this in the next sprint’. Ruby’s dynamism means static code analysis is tricky (to say the least), but tools like RuboCop and Reek bravely show it’s not impossible. This talk shows how to effectively use such tools, make informed decisions on when and how to refactor, and – most importantly – learn over time to spot potential code smells right when they’re introduced.

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