RubyC 2017

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In my talk I am going to tell how developers might go with integration of React (popular JS lib for buiding UIs) into existing Rails application. I am going to cover 3 common ways how to do that. In addition I will cover how to move from rendering HTML on server (through erb as most existing legacy Rails apps do) to SPA app through that integration. Topic has to dispel any fear which developer think about when he thinks about integrating modern JS lib/framework into legacy Rails application. I will present a step by step detailed guide with examples of code and bright presentation. Areas to cover: - 3 ways to integrate React into Rails application; - React related ecosystem (webpack, es6, node + npm) and how to use it in combination with rails app and shall we ommit the asset pipeline or not?; - How to move from hybrid React + Rails (erb) app to React (FE) + Rails (back-end API); - Particular caveats and problems which can be faced during the migration.

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